Over the course of 2008, Bryan Smith and Lise-Anne Beyries will be producing the first ever adventure sea kayaking film which comprehensively explores North America's eastern sea board. Documenting the entire length of the East Coast from Georgia to Newfoundland, Eastern Horizons aims to blend the rich history and culture of the Atlantic with world class sea kayakers, idyllic destinations, incredible wildlife and compelling stories of people who's lives are deeply connected to the Atlantic Ocean. From paddling the wildlife rich swamps and mangroves of the Carolinas to the icebergs of Newfoundland; from surfing the "zipper" at Tybee Island, Georgia to playing in the tidal flows around Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy; and from capturing the iconic urban landscapes of New York City to the remote fishing villages of Quebec's north shore, Eastern Horizons will inspire all paddlers and non-paddlers alike to get out and explore the ocean!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Planning and Production

As our May 15th departure for the East Coast approaches we have been investing lots of time into trip planning and increasing our production capabilities. Exciting times on both fronts. The details of our schedule are finalizing, with shoots in the Barrier Islands of North Carloina, the Dismal Swamp in Virginia, downtown New York City, the coast of Maine, tidal rapids in Nova Scotia, Belugua whales in Quebec, and icebergs in Newfoundland at the top of the list. We have also upped our production capabilities by adding another HD camera from Cannon and several new lenses for both our still and video cameras. More than anything we are excited to be getting ready for two months of immersion into the Atlantic culture and lanscape. In the next couple weeks we will be posting a schedule, looking at some of the gear breakdowns neccessary for the trip, and announcing some more details of the project!

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